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Exeter Environmental Consulting Services provides a research facility within the School of Engineering, Computer Science and Mathmatics, University of Exeter, specialising in applications of geophysical fluid migration.

Staff have been trained, and dedicated research centres have been set up at major research institutes in Caracas and Merida, Venezuela, and in Erzurum, Eastern Turkey.

Naturally occurring and anthropogenic gas migration is used in:

Geological fault and fracture detection

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Effect of m6.3 earthquake in study area in eastern Venezuela. A collaboration with IVIC, the national Venezuelan science foundation.

Earthquake in Venezuala

Seismic hazard assessment in earthquake-prone areas

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Assessment of seismic hazard to major city in Turkey - training local scientists. Working with the University of Erzurum.

Seismic hazard assessment

Development of enhanced early warning systems for volcanic eruptions

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Gas emission measurements on Masaya volcano, Nicaragua. Collaborators: the Open University and the Nicaraguan national seismic monitoring centre.

Masaya crater

Mapping of volcanic eruption geography using magmatic degassing

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Mapping active lava flows, Piton de la Fournaise, Reunion Island. Collaboration with the University de Besancon, France, and the University de la Reunion.

Piton de la Fournaise, Reunion Island

Assessment of geological conditions for underground waste storage facilities

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Gas injection project for soil-gas migration studies. A combined project with the University of Rome.

Piton de la FournGas injection, southern Italy

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Volcanic Research Case Study


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